About Us


It all began back in 1969 when brothers Glenn (Yogi) and Dale Hanke opened a small retail meat market in Millard, Nebraska called B.I.G. Meats. Soon after they opened, they began selling their tender aged beef to many families in the area. It wasn’t too long before their reputation spread and they ventured into many other aspects of the meat industry, from custom butchering, catering, and steak boxes.

As time progressed, many families were inquiring about having such a high quality product delivered directly to their home. In October 1990 Husker Home Foods was founded.

Husker Home Foods is a home delivery service for frozen products featuring the beef from B.I.G. Meats (1969). An important factor for excellent quality beef is the long aging time at the processors. The beef and pork are specially packaged for lasting flavor. Poultry, fish, vegetables. fruit, juices and desserts are also included. Plans for every budget and family size are available, plus you may choose the foods you like to serve your family. Delivery of a six-month supply will be made to your home and placed in the freezer for your convenience. Food discount programs are available to accommodate a commercial grade freezer supplied by Husker Home Foods.

What USDA grade is your beef?


Inspection is mandatory and used solely to ensure wholesomeness. All beef sold in stores is inspected by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. Beef grading, on the other hand, is voluntary and is used to identify beef quality. Packers may contract with the USDA to grade beef for quality. Quality grades are determined by an animals age, amount of marbling, meat texture, color and firmness of the muscle. HHF purchases beef from packers that contract with USDA to grade their beef for quality. The beef quality grade that we purchase is USDA Choice, some of the most desirable beef sold in the United States.

What happens if I move to a area that is not delivered by HHF?


Through our membership in the American Association of Meat Processors we will provide appropriate transfer information. The Association cannot guarantee availability of duplicate service in the locality to which you are moving. In all cases an effort is made to secure service similar to HHF, in or as near as possible to your new location.